Ugly Little Spudcast

Do you love films as much as we do? If so come and listen as we explore and discuss(and make fun of) the films we that we watch on a weekly basis. Each week the hosts, Charles Campbell and Tim Dolan, will discuss a new topic, picked usually at random and with no thought behind it, and will try to explore every corner of the film industry as they can…usually with mediocre, yet funny, results.

Episode 4 - Double Feature Faceoff - Suspiria VS. Inferno

July 8th, 2020

After a little break we are back with our first episode in a new running feature on the podcast...The Double Feature Faceoff. We pit two similar films against each other as our host compare, contrast, argue, and laugh about which film is the superior one! Today's features are two of Argento's more popular films: Suspiria Vs Inferno. One is hailed a classic and the other is hailed as...ehhh.

Also, today marks a special day as we invite our third new/old host Lyndsey Hewitt back into the fold, so everyone give Lyndsey a warm welcome! 

Please enjoy this episode and feel free to contact us at our respective social media platforms if you have wish to throw your two cents in!

Episode 3 - 50s Remakes

June 4th, 2020

Charles and Tim return to the 50s....sorta. This week the boys discuss several films from the 70s and 80s that were remakes of the films discussed in the previous episode! Highlights include The Fly, The Blob, The Thing, and The Title That Begins With The!

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Episode 2 - The 1950s

May 17th, 2020

Join us today as Charles and Tim talk about a decade that neither of them were alive in! From radiation, UFOs, and vampires we take a dive into what made the 50s great, and not so great.

Warning: Contains strong language, juvenile humor, dogs squeaking in the background, and two guys who may have a slight obsession with the bringing up the 80s!

Episode 1 - Italian Horror

May 16th, 2020

Join us in our inaugural episode(including technical difficulties, random background noises, and cats meowing) as the hosts Charles Campbell and Tim Dolan discuss the weird and wonderful side of horror that is...Italian Horror. Argento, Bava, and the greatest of them all, Claudio Fragasso are discussed in the very first episode of the Ugly Little Spudcast!

Warning: Contains adult language, talk about violent imagery, and so many technical hiccups that even Adobe Audition couldn't clean it up, but as they say in the business, The show must go on...or something.

Enjoy the show!